This causes the baby to suddenly become weak

There are many reasons why babies can suddenly become limding, although he previously actively played and joked. If experiencing this, mother must be vigilant and immediately find out, yes. Because, this condition can be caused by health disorders that need to be addressed immediately.

Generally a healthy baby will look cheerful, actively moving your hands and feet, and crawling or walking to and fro without getting tired. However, when sensing something goes wrong on his body, he may not be passionate about doing his activity, tends to be more quiet, and looks very limping.

Causes of infant sudden weakness

The following are some of the causes of sudden babies feeling weak, namely:

1. Less fluid

Less fluid in infants can be caused by diarrhea. When experiencing diarrhea, babies will secrete more fluid than CHAPTERS. In addition, CHAPTERS become more frequent than usual. This makes the baby at risk of lack of fluid or dehydration and feels weak suddenly.

In addition, less fluid can also occur if the baby is overheating. In this condition, the baby will sweat to remove more fluid from the body. If this is not balanced with adequate drinking, the baby may have dehydration.

In addition to weakness, lack of fluid in the body of the baby is also characterized by the color of urine that looks very dense, lips and mouth dry, often sleepy, easy cranky, urination becomes less frequent, the absence of tears when crying, and lazy to drink BREAST milk or formula.

2. Less oxygen

Another cause babies feel weak is less oxygen. The lack of oxygen supply in infants can occur if the baby has a problem with the lungs or heart.

As for signs when babies experience a lack of oxygen, the lips and fingertips appear bluish, baby breathing, weakness, and pale skin. If this is the case, the child should immediately be given resuscitation relief.

3. Infection

Infection can also cause babies to suddenly feel lethargic and weak. Baby’s body endurance is generally not as strong as adults. As a result, babies are more easily infected by different types of viruses and bacteria.

Some signs that the child is experiencing an infection is not an appetite or difficulty to eat, lethargic, decreased or unexpectedly high body temperature, as well as fussy and frequent crying.

4. Drug poisoning or overdose

Signs of infants experiencing poisoning or overdose of the drug are vomiting, difficulty breathing, abdominal pain, convulsions, weakness, and unconscious.

Poisoning or overdose of the drug can be experienced by the active baby crawling and inserting all the objects he held. Mothers may inadvertently put drugs or harmful chemical fluids in a place that is easy to reach.

Well, these items are not impossible to target the fruit, you know. The little may consider it a harmful chemical drug or liquid as a toy or a food for it. So without the mother’s knowledge, she could swallow her and experience poisoning.

5. Anaphylactic shock

A sudden baby weakness can occur after consuming food or taking certain medications. In the medical world, this condition is called anaphylactic shock.

Anaphylactic shock is a shock caused by severe allergic reactions. In this condition, the immune system reacts excessively and causes impaired blood flow and oxygen absorption throughout the body.

If you experience it, your little will cause a sign of shortness of breath and difficulty in breathing, bluish in skin tone, swelling of the tongue or lips, nausea and vomiting, weakness, and unconscious.

Infants who are suddenly weak should not be allowed for long periods of time. If the child is suddenly limp or not as active as normal, especially with symptoms such as fever, vomiting, or cold sweat, it is best to take it immediately to the nearest physician to get the proper treatment and treatments.